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How long do businesses stay closed in China during Chinese New Year?

I urgently need to reach some business associates in Shanghai – but it seems that their offices are closed for Chinese New Year! How long should I expect for them to stay closed – will they be back in the office on Monday 22 Feb, or how long do they have holidays? Thanks!!

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5 Responses to “How long do businesses stay closed in China during Chinese New Year?”

  1. lestermount said :

    Depends, some for a day or two and some for a week.

  2. sellatieeat said :

    they are usually closed for like almost a week. cause they have all these customs to follow. but a lot ar eopen for buisness now since a lot of their companies deal with companies outside of china.

  3. Average American said :

    Many businesses are already open and everything will be open by Monday Feb 22.

  4. Richard m said :

    The holiday lasts from Feb. 13 – 19. Just about everything has been closed since at least Feb. 13. The holiday is officially over today, Feb. 20, but many organizations take a longer holiday both before and after the actual holiday dates.

    Yesterday, I sent a courier package via an international company and expected it to go out immediately. It did not. They picked it up but never began shipping. I am told they will begin today.

    Many other companies and even restaurants will not open until Monday. This is China (TIC).

  5. Don said :

    Everything will be back to normal on 22 FEB, some started as early as 20 FEB. But some employees are taking their annual leave together with the long holiday.


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