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How is new year celebrated in Japan?

I am doing a presentation on Japan and one of the topic is talking about new year in Japan. Can someone tell me the Highlights of what they do and how they celebrate it? Please.

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4 Responses to “How is new year celebrated in Japan?”

  1. kevin m said :

    Japanese celebrate pretty much the same way as we do… plus making new yrs rice cake and pounding mochi (rice pounded into doughy like round cakes) and……. most Japanese visit the closest temple to their residence and say a prayer for the new year..(Traditional) and traffic can go for 6 hours or more waiting to drive to these temples.

  2. Cabbage Patch said :
  3. RealAnswers said :

    People send out New Years cards to each other. Others might go out to a shrine or temple. Others just stay at home and rest.

  4. eunobee said :

    People send nengas, customized new year cards, to each other. Noodles are eaten for long life. When the new year begins, priests solemnly ring a huge bell while people watch. Lots of people go to shrines to say prayers, buy charms, etc. They also eat osechi, which is an expensive lunch-box ish assortment of symbolic foods that are eaten cold. Yup.


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