How early do people start camping outside Circuit City on black friday?

Just wondering how early people start camping outside circuit city for black friday in ny.

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6 Responses to “How early do people start camping outside Circuit City on black friday?”

  1. DoubleN said:

    I went last year at midnight, and there was already a small crowd of people there. Maybe go around 11:00 p.m.
    Last year at 2:00 a.m. they passed out tickets to the people who were already waiting in line so they would have priority on the doorbusters they came for.

  2. Regall L said:

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  3. Sue W said:

    Last year, we got there at three and the line was extended from the front door to the back of the building already. We asked the group 1st in line, and he said that they got there about 1 pm Thanksgiving day, which in my opinion, is quite crazy. If you do want the doorbusters (you can find them at, it’s a good idea to get there around 12-1 am. Dress in layers!! 🙂

  4. Joey said:

    They start camping out as early as Thanksgiving morning. In my article below I list things to be aware of during Black Friday. I also posted some Black Friday advertisement for computer-related stores.

  5. hplss.rmntc said:

    Last year I think they started around 4pm Thanksgiving Day… I would be there by 2 or 3pm on Thanksgiving Day if you wanted to be sure to be one of the first few people though.

  6. Mabby said:

    I think what needs to be taken into consideration this year are the Circuit Citys that are closing down, which might increase lines. I passed by last year and saw lines passing stores next door at 10PM. Well talked about discounts from the retailer will also add to the long lines outside.


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