How does one go about planning a reunion party in Chicago for New Year’s?

I don’t live in Chicago, but I’m planning a group get together where a group of 21’s and older will basically just party together for a weekend.

How can I plan something so complex? I need to find a place for everyone to stay, plus happening places to hang out in.

I have no idea what I’m doing but I do at least know I want to be in Chicago for New Year’s, partying with my friends.



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2 Responses to “How does one go about planning a reunion party in Chicago for New Year’s?”

  1. Tomas said:

    Stay in trump tower and party at club level.
    Or we can all hangout. I’m from Chicago.
    Message me for more details or options

  2. jalyc said:

    I would check out ‘Chicago hotels’ online, then CALL some that you are interested in. Make a comparison chart for things you want (as types of beds, smoking or not, indoor or heated pool, breakfast available, closeness of sights, etc) and prices. Then you can compare with your friends and decide. Also ask about group rates.

    Do the same thing with nightclubs, dinner clubs, museums, theaters, or whatever interests you. Once you have all the choices made, you can talk with the hotel concierge about details which they are very familiar with.

    You might want to check out taxi vs limo prices too. Sometimes it is cheaper to rent a limo that can seat many people as compared to several cabs for all of you. Nice touch too.


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