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How do you find out what the Black Friday sales are?

Like, is there a site or something that’ll tell you what sales different stores are having on Black Friday?

Also, specifically, I was wondering about where to find out what time the different stores in Westfield/Southlake mall in Merrillville, IN open and what their sales are…so help?

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6 Responses to “How do you find out what the Black Friday sales are?”

  1. Stephanie K said:

    Just go to Google and type in:
    Black Friday sales.
    It will give you a list.
    Or go to Google and type in (your favorite store) Black Friday sale
    and a notice about any upcoming Black Friday sales will appear.
    Hope that helped:)

  2. Michael M said:

    Newspapers. I live in Las Vegas and the paper was almost 8 inches thick today with all the advertisements.

  3. ♥Secrets♥ said:

    Great Site.

    Hopes I helped! =]

  4. TGD said:

    the best thing to find out which store has the best to check the 2008BlackFriday Buying Guide. it will tell you which is the best deal for your items..for all avaliable stores..also have current links for all online sales

  5. xoxo said:
    this is a great site it has TONS of ads!!!

    also, to answer your question about the mall times
    Westfield/Southlake mall in Merrillville, IN opends at 7 AM.
    Usually, all of the stores are required to open up at this time, some may open later.
    found this at

    have a fun shopping trip and also happy thanksgiving! 🙂

  6. Go die in a hole said:

    Go Here


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