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How do we put a Christmas Tree Topper on our fake Christmas tree?

We are immigrants getting a taste of our first Christmas tree. We got a tree topper – and were wondering how you put one up on the tree. It seems to want to fall off.

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4 Responses to “How do we put a Christmas Tree Topper on our fake Christmas tree?”

  1. paradoxdb3 said:

    We have an artificial tree at home, and it’s not the best quality. The top is very flimsy! The star weighs it down and it looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! Anyway, I use black thread and hold the star up by the thread. You can have the thread help in place to the ceiling with a thumb tac. So, basically, the tree topper is ‘hanging’ over the tree, but is still on the tree. The weight of the topper is just supported by the thread (which, by the way, can’t be seen).

  2. mamachan said:

    My top branch was too narrow, so I took the closest branch in the back, twisted it up and around the top branch to make it thicker.

  3. candykane said:

    I take the top branch and bend/fold it down. That makes it thick enough to hold the tree topper.

  4. Jolanda Schwoerer said:

    great post.. i really enjoyed it


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