How do i make quick cash so i can buy christmas gifts?

How do i make quick cash so i can buy christmas gifts?
I need to buy christmas gifts for katie and the rest of my family. I need about $100 for ym whole family and katie. How can i make this cash quickly enough so that i’ll have time to buy the gifts before christmas?
by the way. for those who are slightly less educated than the rest of us. I am Mike.

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4 Responses to “How do i make quick cash so i can buy christmas gifts?”

  1. Legend said:

    Durrrr, your name is Mike? Durrrr, is he talking to us, durrrrr?

    Sell stuff you don’t need on e-bay or shovel snow. Don’t you have a credit card? Borrow some money.

  2. Flowerlady said:

    If there is snow where you life, go door to door asking if folks want theirs removed from the sidewalks for a couple bucks.

    If not, try leaf removal, newspaper removal, general cleaning stuff.

    Turn in scrap metals to the junkyards, aluminum, copper, tin and such.

    If you are determined, you can do it.

  3. brewdoug2007 said:

    I used this when I was younger…

    If you are under 16 this works like a champ!:

    Find a tree with mistletoe in it. (Dark green patches of leaves where the rest of the tree has none) Climb up and break it off of the tree. Collect the plants with a contractor bag. Take it home carefully (don’t knock off the white berries) bundle the plant with some red ribbon ($.75 / 100 yds). After making each bundle sell for $2/pc door to door. OR take them to the local produce sections and sell 50 for $40 to several stores/farmers markets… This season they sell like hot cakes!

  4. Dr. Deth said:

    it’s a little late to start looking for money now. if you got a job this week by some miracle, you wouldn’t be paid until after Xmas


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