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How do I make my christmas tree last?

Whats the best way to keep a Christmas tree from drying out? I put it in a stand that contains a couple of inches of water every year and still it dries out by the time Christmas comes. Is there something I should add to the water?

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5 Responses to “How do I make my christmas tree last?”

  1. hoverlover7 said:

    I use sugar and it works pretty good.

  2. mailaug03 said:

    make sure it has a fresh cut trunk you might have to trim a little off if it is a pre cut tree. Keep it away from sources of heat as much as possible and I add sugar to my water.

  3. Fergie said:

    re-cut the bottom of the tree and keep adding water the dryer your house the more water it will suck up

  4. Ben said:

    if you buy a christmas tree keep it in your garage until a week before christmas and hten put it up and decorate its been working with my fam for like 20 years!

  5. u_wish_u_were_me said:

    SIMPLE………………..just buy a fake christmas tree…that what i did and it’s looks great for 12 years now!


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