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How do I create a Christmas tree like glow all year?

I hate bright overhead lights; they give me a headache. I’ve been living in a dungeon like atmosphere in my house with one lamp with a soft yellow 20 watt bulb. I just put up my Christmas tree and I love the amount of light and its softness. Do you have any suggestions for lamps or ways of creating this same glow without the Christmas tree?

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3 Responses to “How do I create a Christmas tree like glow all year?”

  1. anonymous said:

    You could go out and purchase a few strings of either white Christmas lights or rope lights. Then, using little picture-hanger hooks, you can hang the string(s) around the perimeter of the room at the height level you desire.
    Hope this helps! =]

  2. toomanypets said:

    I have a string of lights that I bought in the summer……patio lights that look like dragon flies…….hung around the edges of a mirror. Doubles the light because of the reflection. Also I have 2 fake ficus trees with white lights strung on them…….perfect.

  3. Holden McGroin said:

    eat radium


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