How can I improve myself and make good new year resolutions?

Well I’m 14, and I’ve decided that for the new year I want to improve the way I am (personality, relationships with others etc) but I guess I’m gonna need some help with this.
Because I’m really disorganised and messy.
I don’t have a good sense of style or anything like that.
I don’t eat healthy.
So any help?
Ask for more details
Thanks 🙂

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8 Responses to “How can I improve myself and make good new year resolutions?”

  1. Leon Trotsky said:
  2. Lucifer said:

    wax your junk

  3. Candice93 said:

    you should write a list of the top ten things you would like to change this year. Then circle one-to- three. dont go for any goal out of the reach like stop junk food completely because (like everyone) you will fail. Start with very small goals like not eating after 8 o clock or/and eating breakfast in the morning.

  4. Coookie said:

    your 14 hun seriously,you can onlt answer this,your still changing everyday!!! your habits will reflect on who you are. you cant just say i want style now and get it. live your life and keep in mind who you want to become and you will get there,as for eating healthy ,its not who you are that does that, its your lifestyle,look at what u eat in a day and say does this really gunna help me?? ask your parents to start eating healhy and it will help you…make a habit of picking upin your room daily it makes life easier 😉 good luck you have ur whole life ahead of you and you smart for starting to look at who you are now!! 🙂 be happy and the rest will follow

  5. SoInLoVewItHdRaKe said:

    Make a list of all the things you want to improve and accomplish, and put it in some places in your house hanging up, and it would be on your mind, also it would keep you motivated! Thats what i did when i wanted to loose weight and it worked for me. Hope I helped!

  6. C said:

    I think the first step was realizing that you want to improve yourself – so check that off of your list! Basically I think the key of New Year’s Resolutions is just to DO IT. Start cleaning up little parts of your room at a time to organize. Go out and buy a nice shirt or a new pair of pants to integrate into your daily clothing options (if you don’t know what’s in style try looking at magazines like Seventeen or Teen Vogue, or ask a friend whose style you admire to help you out). Start cutting back on bad snacks in between meals – aka; chips, cookies, fatty foods. Switch those out with healthier choices in smaller portions, such as fruits, vegetables, crackers, cheese, nuts, etc. Good luck! Baby steps first.

  7. Tara said:

    Do everything different start new goals and do everything you didn’t do in 2009

    out with the old in with the new

  8. xxKerryxx said:

    just believe in yourself
    and everything that was bothering you
    in 2009 shut it out your life
    on new years eve this guy who was using me
    i smacked him one to the my own back
    and now here comes 2010 loll
    just eat what you want and do more exercise
    go shopping get new clothes and necklaces and little
    things to wear
    to jazz you up
    get organized and put things away when you get them out 🙂
    good luck


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