how can he come for new year holidays if he is ilegal?

My boyfriend is just planning to come here for new year holidays but he is stil ilegal

what are possibilities?

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2 Responses to “how can he come for new year holidays if he is ilegal?”

  1. Raider said:

    Get a passport and a visitors visa. The passport comes from the country in which your boyfriend is a citizen of. The visitors visa is from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Office. see:
    Scroll down to the bottom and look to the bottom of the website where it says “Visit U.S.” and click that for the information you need.

    Or you can simply click this link:

  2. Jan said:

    The possibilities are deportation. He won’t be let into the country without proper documentation.
    Why not do it the legal way and get a visitor visa.


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