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Have you ever went searching for your Christmas gifts to take a peak? Did you find them?

Have you ever went searching for your Christmas gifts to take a peak and found them? If they were wrapped, did you carefully unwrap the paper to take a peak and wrapped them back up so it would not be obvious? Did you look through the bag and spoil it for yourself? What happened?

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6 Responses to “Have you ever went searching for your Christmas gifts to take a peak? Did you find them?”

  1. Jane said :

    Of course! As a child my sister was an expert at peeling tape and re-fastening it!

  2. Jaycinth said :

    Yup. One year, when I was a little kid, I found some stuff I shouldn’t when I was mooching through my mother’s bedroom. Mum caught me 🙁 Big trouble ensued.

    I’m 36 now, and she still hasn’t let me forget it!

  3. lady_tapeworm said :

    I’ve never deliberately found my gifts, but I always did happen to find them somehow. My parents are horrible at hiding things. Whenever I find something I’m certain they bought for me, i just peek to make sure it is exactly what I want or otherwise i start hinting to them. I try not to spoil the rest of my surprises though 😀

  4. Mic said :

    When I was 12, I carefully opened my wrapped presents under the tree before Christmas and took a peek. On Christmas day when I opened them officially, I was disappointed-sad. It is the suspense of waiting that makes it better. I vowed I wouldn’t do it again and I haven’t.

  5. Live♥Laugh♥Love♥ said :

    I find my gifts ever single year. and they are always in a different spot.
    i have un-wraped things but most of the time they were like movies where i didnt have to unwrap it all the way 🙂

  6. Heather =) said :

    Ha yeah every year I find them and take a peak but not really anymore it started to ruin the fun cause I knew everything that I was getting. But I carefully would unwrap them if they were wrapped then take a peak and wrap them back up. But one year I was alone and it was a week before Christmas there were some presents under the tree already and I un wrapped them then I heard my parents driving in and I freaked and tore the paper on one of them while wrapping them back up so I hid the gift in the closet and waited till my parents went to their room to get out the tape and exact same wrapping paper and wrap it again =P I don’t think they ever noticed lol

  7. Viola said :

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