Has anyone else noticed the Black Friday deals this year suck?

I’ve been browsing the ads to get ready and None of the stores seems to have anything that good. Walmart usually has some good stuff, but not this year. I figured with the economy bad the sales would be great, but I guess not.Most of the video games at target are still at $59.00 in the ad, that is the regular price all of the time. Does anyone out there know of a store that actually has good deals this year?

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5 Responses to “Has anyone else noticed the Black Friday deals this year suck?”

  1. eye like toast! said:

    aero is everthign 50 percent off

  2. cottonlily84 said:

    I know some of the ads are already out online (and yes those aren’t as good as usual) but I’m still waiting to see the read deals in the paper tomorrow. The economy sucks all around; stores can afford to cut the prices as much as last year.

  3. jenn said:

    Walmart typically waits until Thursday to release some of their best deals. Although last year I know they advertised that on their website and I haven’t seen it this year so, maybe not.

  4. SleepwalkingTaxidriver said:

    Man! worst BF ever! I’ve waited and waited for this day to come and all the major stores crap out some lame azz deals. I can search the internet and beat any of those deals. Ridiculous, I will not waste my time waiting in line, I’d rather have my TV delivered for the same price minus the tax and sweat.
    I bet it’s gonna be a short line this year. I can’t wait to hear the report saying how this year BF sale is 50% that of last couple years.
    What a joke!

  5. Carlos said:

    i have no idea. i thought the sales were gonna rule since the economy is so bad which would’ve forced them to try and sell better and compete but nope. Pure garbage deals. nothing good out there.tv’s? big deal, i already have one, gps? i have a map… big whoop dee dooo -,-


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