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Gamestop black friday deals?

I want to buy a psp but i want it on sale. Does anyone know if Gamestop has any black friday deals?

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4 Responses to “Gamestop black friday deals?”

  1. TenP said:

    no gamestop doesn’t have any deals sorry
    but check out

  2. sodipop said:

    yes they do have deals like many other places. heres a whole list of stores with deals so you can look at gamestops and maybe some others that might have deals on psp’s.happy shopping!

  3. Jeanelle the Retard said:

    If you get the Madden edition, you get a 30 buck gift certificate, which is basically getting the PSP and getting Madden 09 for free.

  4. Ace said:

    Best deal your going to get on a psp is at someplace like Best Buy, that’s the only way i see a good deal happening. Maybe walmart or target, but Best Buy is your best bet, be fast to get it though, there are some CRAZY people who line up outside that door.


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