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Does Macy’s have good sales on the day after Thanksgiving? What about Nordstrom’s?

I’d like to get my mom a couple of blouses or jackets for Christmas and I’m wondering if anyone knows if these places actually have good sales after Thanksgiving. Are the clothes affordable with the sales, or still overpriced? (I’m college student with a limited budget, but I’d like to get her some quality clothes.)

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One Response to “Does Macy’s have good sales on the day after Thanksgiving? What about Nordstrom’s?”

  1. ♥Skating Princess Fashion QUEEN♥ said:

    Macy*s, ALWAYS has the greatest sale, even I who almost never goes to Macy*s, checks it out and buys something.
    Nordstrom, eh, they should have mailed me since I am a frequent shopper. I did the live chat with them to ask and they said:
    We’ve received your message – a customer service representative will be with you shortly.
    You have been connected to Christy G.
    Christy G: Hello and welcome to Nordstrom, Soraya!
    Christy G: I see your question: Do you know if Nordstrom will have a Black Friday sale?
    Soraya: Hi, are there only some stores, or all?
    Christy G: I apologize Nordstrom does not offer any additional sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
    Soraya: Ok, thank you
    I hope that answers your question.


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