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Does a the realease of the new year of a car affect used car prices?

I am looking at getting a new car and want to know if I should wait for the “new” year to come out.

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10 Responses to “Does a the realease of the new year of a car affect used car prices?”

  1. Vera said :

    I’m pretty sure the value of a car does go down if a newer model of the same car comes out.

  2. shmoodaddy said :

    If the 2010 model of the car you want is about to come available, wait for it. Think of it this way: As far as car values go; a 2009 model car becomes 1yr old as soon as the 2010 model comes out.

  3. suburbicide said :

    Yes a new or updated version of a car tends to make the previous generation’s value decrease slightly because many people are holding out for the new version because they tend to add desirable features to updates of cars.

    You should be able to negotiate a good value on the older car, though, for exactly the reasons I mentioned above. Just make sure the new model won’t add features that you desire for a little bit more money…

  4. M W said :

    Don’t wait. Look around, there are a lot of cars that are barely driven and have slashed prices, like demos. True, there’s never been a better time to buy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get ripped off.

  5. iba_p said :

    no because the old just depreciate over time

  6. peterthegreat said :

    Yes, when a new year’s model comes out, it makes all older models one year older, which reduces their value.

  7. ? said :

    Yes, check Kelly Blue Book for value

  8. navyguy44 said :

    It kind of depends on which car you are specifically targeting, but generally it doesn’t much matter. It might make a difference if there is a major redesign, but I’ve never really noticed.

  9. Joe P said :

    If the new model is due out soon, such as you are looking at a new 09 car in Sept of 09, you should either wait for the new 2010 models or get a really spectacular deal on the 09. This time of year, car companies are not bringing out a new model anytime soon, so you can ignore that factor. But there are really strong deals to be had. Be sure and shop several dealers and ask for their lowest price and let them know you will shop a number of dealers and they only get one chance to give their best deal.

  10. heythere said :

    yes. i remember my friend bought a 2006 nissan sentra in 2006. Then, in 2007 the nissan sentra totally changed and they changed the body style and made it look much nicer. It affected the value of my friend’s 2006 nissan sentra, because many people would want to have the newer body style instead of the old one….unless the old one is discounted deeply.


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