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Do you know if Godiva has a Black Friday sales or any holiday discounts?

I am getting several people some chocolate gifts from Godiva this year for Christmas and was wondering if I waited till Black Friday if I would get a better deal? Does anyone know if Godiva has a Black Friday sale or a Christmas sale so that I can save some cash? Does anyone know what the discounts were in the past years? Thanks for any help.

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2 Responses to “Do you know if Godiva has a Black Friday sales or any holiday discounts?”

  1. Jacob said:

    Macy is advertising 20% off all Godiva items on there Black Friday add, and Sams has a Godiva Chocolate Tower for $64.84 for there’s. You may want to wait and just take a look at their website for Cyber Black Friday, for any online discounts that they might have.Costco had a $50 gift card for only $30 last year, I would also keep my eye out for Black Friday adds that are now starting to come out. Happy Holidays and good luck.

  2. Amanda said:

    I just got my email from godiva with their black friday stuff. They have 2 $5 dollar gifts. One is the 6 piece truffle gift box and the snow man with the gems. They are limited amounts and only available in the boutiques to noon and the outlets till 9am


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