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Do seniors take advantage of the Black Friday shopping deals?

I know Black Friday is a great time to find unique bargains during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. However, I avoid the stores on that day because the term “Black Friday” makes me think of wars, massacres, disasters, stock market crashes, etc.

Also, I have found that it’s too crowded and chaotic; what I gain in money and goods, I lose in serenity.

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23 Responses to “Do seniors take advantage of the Black Friday shopping deals?”

  1. Ron Qn. said:

    I understand that Black Friday is associated with stock market crashes, etc., however, I always take advantage of shopping on Black Friday, when retailers offer bargains on merchandise

  2. AmeliaBedelia said:

    In one year I have fallen and hurt my back twice. I fear crowds and of being pushed so, no I will not take advantage of Black Friday.

  3. Lily said:

    Hi dizwar, I’m afraid I haven’t heard of Black Friday with regards to shopping, needless to say though the very name doesn’t sound at all festive so it wouldn’t inspire me to go Christmas shopping.
    I don’t like shopping at the best of times and the thought of all those crowds and chaos would be a major no no.

  4. Patti said:

    If it is something I really need, I will venture out to buy one or two items. I don’t have the patience to go to a half-dozen different stores and wait in long lines and fight the crowds though. Target has already revealed that they will have $3 small kitchen appliances….beware of those, what should be metal (like the covers of toasters and slow cookers) will be made of plastic that will crack after a couple of uses.

  5. catspit said:

    Never did the Black Friday shopping. The local retailers seem to place the junk out and want you to think it’s a bargain.

  6. pat z said:

    Living in Europe, there are huge sales (up to 70% reductions) at least twice a year (January and July). And especially with the current economic situation many shops are also offering intermittent “special” sales (from 20 to 50% off) for a variety of reasons (they must cite to comply with various laws, I’ve been told). So I have absolutely no need to sally forth on these two particular shopping days.
    I had never even heard of “Black Friday” until last year, around Thanksgiving time, and initially thought it had to do with war remembrance or something equally grave.

  7. Marry Joseph said:

    Why not? my seniors do take the advantage by shopping @

  8. ***You Go Girl*** said:

    No, I used to when I was younger but not anymore!! I am believing that the stores are really marking those prices up and then they put a sale price on it when it is the regular price anyway..And yes it is crowded and very hectic too..I rather stay home and sleep in for all that food I ate the day before!! LOL

  9. Poppy said:

    Not I. Life is too hectic as it is with out adding so much stress to a certain day of shopping. I stay home on Black Friday every year to keep my sanity in check. Poppy

  10. old fart said:

    I agree with Poppy. It always makes me think of lemmings.

  11. Kembek said:

    I will be working on that day, but I wouldn’t be going anyway. I can’t stand the crowds, my Christmas shopping is done, and I need nothing.

  12. alcaholicdemon said:

    I never have.we live on a fixed income and by that time of the month , i have no money to spare.

  13. !truth! said:

    I am one senior who do not partake in commercialism of holidays and Holy Days.

  14. handyman said:

    Heck, no. People get killed in the crush, this actually happened at a WalMart last year. I don’t like shopping enough to risk life and limb, LOL.

  15. RB said:

    I don’t need to do much shopping, so I avoid the day. I don’t do that much shopping anymore.

  16. Bogey said:

    No. I worked a “big box” store and most of it is whatever didn’t sell over the year. They want the space in the back for Spring merchandise, so they advertise a few items that will get your foot in the door, but there is a very limited amount. Most is filler.

  17. ♪Jackie Blue ♪ said:

    No, did that one year, back in the 1970s and said to myself, never again. It is not worth getting caught in the traffic jams, and standing in line, not to mention the rude shoppers you encounter. I call myself a casual shopper. I like to take my time, and look around, enjoy the shopping season. The thought of shoppers storming through the doors when they open, makes me shudder. It brings out the worst in many people, and I don’t feel Christmas should be about greed, but love and kindness for others and peac in our hearts. The chaos takes away from the meaning of the season.

  18. beth said:

    No. It’s not worth the aggravation.

  19. gaillee01 said:

    Nope! I do not venture out on this day as I detest shopping and I love life! Those folks can get radical out there!

  20. john said:

    No,never,absolutely not.I enjoy getting up the morning after Thanksgiving and get out my Cristmas ornaments.While decorating the apartment I enjoy playing my Christmas cds.

    Christmas is about peace and joy,not malls,madness and mayhem.

  21. meerkat said:

    I have had to work in a Super Center better than WalMart for the last seven years. This will be my 8th experience. Where i work the trend several years ago turned to deals without the chaos. We are organized to a science. That’s not to say there aren’t some hectic times. I try to make it fun. In the years where I shopped i felt the same. i never fought a crowd to get anything. I used to carry mini candy canes and pass them out to people who looked grumpy. To me nothing is worth the anger some people feel over a bargain.

  22. SueyN said:

    No, I would never ever want to fight the crowds. It just is NOT worth it to me.

  23. Georgia Girl said:

    Naw…I do all my shopping now on the computer and let the mailman do the work for me. I hate getting out if the traffic…we Georgians are crazy this time of year….


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