Did you before or are you going black friday shopping pregnant?

I go every year & that’s when I get about 90% if not more of Christmas shopping done. Well this year on black friday I will be about 33 weeks pregnant. Are you planning on going if pregnant or have you ever been pregnant. I’m scared people may run over me but maybe if I be really careful. I’m not one of the crazy people that push everyone out of the way anyways. I’m just scared I won’t be able to fit through all the crowds & stuff.

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19 Responses to “Did you before or are you going black friday shopping pregnant?”

  1. ibelieve1342000 said:

    I went last year (not pregnant) and loved it. It was a blast. This year I will be 17wks pregnant and will totally go again. Granted I am not as far along as you are but I think I would still go being 33 weeks as well. Have fun!!!

  2. Shaylene's Mommy said:

    I dont think I would just because I’d be scared some idiot is gunna elbow my stomach! Plus I think it would be exhausting! Just take it easy if you go and avoid all the crazies rushing everyone. Takes lots of breaks between each store. And hold out your elbows while moving through crowds.

  3. Is it over yet? said:

    I dont wait outside stores for them to open, I show up just after that. So no rushing crowds.

    I was due in January that year, so i was what? like… 30 weeks I think? I didnt have any issues aside from needing to take a frequent breather.

  4. Proud Army Wife said:

    I have never been shopping on black friday, but if you do go I would be careful, and I wouldn’t get up at 3 am to stand in line at a door because every year around where I live there is at least one story of someone getting trampled to death just because they were at the front of the line when the door opens. Not meaning to scare you but its very common around here, I dont know what your area is like.

  5. ♥* 2nd miracle due 03/10 *♥ said:

    I went when I was 8 months pregnant, but I had my rather large husband with me to keep “pushy” people away from me.

    Another thing you may want to take into consideration is the fact that you are going to be in close contact with people hacking and sneezing, you could be risking h1n1. Doctors suggest staying away from large crowds during flu season.

  6. and then there's Maude! said:

    Screw that! I went last year, wasn’t pregnant, and I did have some fun. It was indeed overly crowded and I was having a hard time walking around, without even being pregnant, because there were way to many people all trying to look at the same things. I refuse to go this year. You will not be seeing me out on Black Friday this year. The last thing I want is to walk around crowded stores, while pregnant, while tired, while needing to sit every so often, while needing something to drink constantly, etc. Way too much for me to deal with. Plus we have a 4 year old, so my husband and I walking around with a 4 year old with me being pregnant is not a fun idea in my head. Those people are rude and do not care if you are pregnant or not. The last thing I want is an elbow right to the stomach, or worse, someone actually tripping or being pushed and they fall on me.

  7. onlyme212529 said:

    I went once while I was pregnant and it was a HUGE mistake. People do not have any consideration for ur pregnant belly and will bump into you with carts,themselves,or whatever they have at the time and not think twice about. My husband was pullin me through crowds tryin to make sure that no one pushed into me and what not and about got into 2 fights because of it so we went to 2 places and then called it quits. I would advise against it.People are stupid on Black Friday and if you are too careful you won’t even get to the deals by the time they are all gone. If you go make sure to gear up with football pads and wrap yourself in bubble wrap lol. And don’t forget the riot shield =)

  8. Christina said:

    I go black friday shopping every year…when i was pregnant with my 2nd son, i still went, just made my husband go with me. i was very tired by the end of it…but it was fine. i don’t go all crazy in the shoving crowds anyway. i was about 5-6 months pregnant when i went.

    so this time, a am currently 31 weeks pregnant so will be the same as you…33 weeks pregnant for black friday..i plan on going again..bringing my husband again and if i get too tired i will just have to go home.

    Good luck to you!

  9. blueeyd_princess said:

    I have only went once and it was a complete disappointment. We got a few things on sell but the one major thing we wanted was sold out before we made it to the back of the store. That was after spending 1 1/2 hours in line outside waiting for the store to open it was pouring snow. The craziest part was when we got home a few hours later I logged onto the store online and got what we had wanted online same price even had it shipped to the store so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping. I decided then if I want something I’ll just log online to get it.

  10. BaBy Christian due 01/15/10 said:

    ill be about 33 weeks also, and i def plan on going, if anything people will be careful around us and make let us skip in line because were poor little pregnant women! 😉

  11. ♡ ту & яι'ѕ мαмα ιѕ ттc #3 ♡ said:

    I was almost 32 weeks pregnant in 2007 when i went Black Friday shopping. I did experience odd pains between my lower ribs but luckily some OJ helped and i was able to continue shopping! Unfortunately I went into labor 3 days later and had my son at 32w1d. But it wasn’t the shopping that did it so don’t be scared! I had an incompetent cervix due to trauma to it at my first birth.

    I am waiting to test and hoping I’m pregnant….and if I am I will STILL go Black Friday shopping this year 🙂

  12. Censai said:

    I’m right @ 40 weeks, due on the 17th, so I can’t go this year. My lil man will be only a few days old on that day. I went last year and caught a few sales. But there is always an alternative. Online shopping. Alot of sites will have free shipping during this time. Also there is a site called RETAILMENOT.COM that has even more discount codes for online shopping that will give you added discounts on whats already tagged for black friday. Not only will you save gas by doing this, you will also avoid the hustle of the huge crowds. There have been fights over sale items at least a few times every black friday, and you dont need to be in that kinda surrounding. Do it from the safety of your home….. Good luck!

  13. Due 1/29/10 said:

    I’ll be 31 weeks, I plan on going.

  14. Sammy05 said:

    Im not at all going I will 37 weeks along. I am having a hard enough time walking the way it is now! My sister and cousin came up with this idea that I should go and then when there waiting in lines with their carts they should to say my water broke so we could move up to the front of the line and not have to wait forever in lines! That was there plan of course there joking, theres just no way I am pretty sure I would be so crabby!

  15. Austin's mom-Ava due 12-20 said:

    I always go shopping with my MIL and SIL on Black Friday… This year, however, I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant so I’m probably not going to go. Lately I’ve been thinking that I really want to go anyway, but then I think about how much my feet swell right now without walking around all day long! I’ve also been having killer round ligament pain the past few days and it hurts just to walk around at work! I’ll probably make up my mind Thanksgiving day… hahahaha

  16. ~Girl~Due Dec 2nd~ said:

    I am not going this year. I would love to be able to but I will be 39 weeks pregnant or possibly have a brand new baby so either way I will not feel like going. If you want to then more power to you. I’m sure people may be more cautious around you since you are pregnant but you can’t depend on that. Just do whatever you want and try to protect yourself. Maybe take a friend or family member to be your blocker through crowds!!

  17. Jasmine. said:

    dont worry you’ll be fine.

  18. Jonathan M said:

    I wouldn’t recommend shopping in Black Friday while being pregnant. If you must, just don’t do it in the initial hours where people are the most ravaged. However, some people might take your situation into consideration and be more empathetic.*
    I heard that incident in a Wal Mart in New Jersey not only killed a man but almost gave a pregnant woman a miscarriage.
    Logically, Black Friday is always full of rushing and movement and being pregnant might be a handicap. Its pretty hard rushing to get the items in normal physical shape, let alone being pregnant. Maybe shop Black Friday online.

  19. Bitter Sweet said:

    I am pregnant and due in February. I am going. I just plan to go and be safe. I will have lots of family with me as well. I plan to enjoy the day and make the most of my shopping. Just make sure you rest up and take plenty of help. I’m a morning person so the baby hasn’t slown me down at all!lol Have a great black Friday and shopping experience.


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