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Cyber Monday is a joke where are all the deals?

I saw a few doorbusters Black Friday. Kmart has double coupons all week. But where are all the great deals? Dept. Stores like JC Penney and Macy’s have clothing deals slightly cheaper than last years and tvs are cheap but where all the deals if the economy is so bad?

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4 Responses to “Cyber Monday is a joke where are all the deals?”

  1. Iknowalittle said:

    Their not out there. I was asking myself the very same question today. Nothing seemed like a deal to me.
    Wal mart prices were actually a little higher than Fridays deals.
    I was disappointed.

  2. Dealfinder said:

    Cyber monday this year just like Black Friday has not provided the best deals possible. With many retailers struggling, they are not willing to sell at cost or give those lost leader items. The one thing that goes on about this time is that many retailers are offering friends and family deals which are an extra 30% off. This week, Footlocker, Footaction, and several others are offering them. Also utilize Website like and other deal sites to get the best up to date deals.

  3. annoyed said:

    I’ve noticed the same, in face I see a few prices actually higher then they were last week on some if not many gaming items. I dont see anything cheaper then what it was before. I see a few stores saying hey free shipping, but with amazon’s free shipping on 25 or more, why even bother?! I think cyber monday buyers would be way better off holding off. Then let the stores feel the real heat and get scared and maybe then once they see they better started giving some deals. I think this year the stores that seizes the market will get the buys. Use the same tactic!? Offer good prices and a few doorbusters to get them on your site. I mean if someone had a good offer for the kinect then peps would prolly buy a game or two with that offer. oh-well, too bad for them. I’m gonna wait it out myself and not bother this year, these deals are horrible.

  4. annoyed said:

    about as horrible as my atrocious spelling and grammatical errors..


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