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Coach, Juicy Couture, and Abercrombie Black Friday Deals?

Do you know if these stores have sales or deals on black friday.

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2 Responses to “Coach, Juicy Couture, and Abercrombie Black Friday Deals?”

  1. Shannon said:

    not sure if the stores will have sales, but places that sell those brands will like macys*, maybe Norstroms?, but definitely macys*…but no A&F for sure.

  2. joliee said:

    Not sure about Coach or Abercrombie, but I went to Juicy today and they had a “Spend $250 and Get a Free T-Shirt (worth like $80)”. Also all tracksuits (you have to buy top and bottoms) recieve 30% off. They also had a large sale selection, I got a navy blue velour hoodie originally $148 for $85. Its a good deal for Juicy Couture, 60% off. Hope I helped!


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