Christmas Day?

It just turned Christmas Day here, England 12.11am 25th Dec!
What about everywhere else. I’m just gona take the dogs a last walk and wanted to say “Happy Christmas” to all the doggie people who may be listening!
No white Christmas here! Its pouring with rain (hence a short last walk) but who cares its Christmas and the dogs coats are waterproof even if mine wasn’t!

Good night and God Bless.


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19 Responses to “Christmas Day?”

  1. probablypirates18 said:

    Merry Christmas! Still Christmas Eve here, 7:14pm, in New Hampshire, USA

  2. chellerzzz said:

    USA-California: Christmas eve-4:14 pm

  3. Diane $ said:

    7:15PM here Dec 24 in Ontario Canada

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. lOvE*iS*bUt*A*mYsTeRy said:

    It is Christmas Eve!! 6:15 PM in Central USA!!!!!

  5. CctbOh said:

    It’s only 7:15 here but Merry Christmas to you and your doggies.

  6. *HP* ROX!!! said:

    Have a very Merry Christmas! my dogs say hi!!!!!

  7. renee k said:

    merry xmas!!its only 715pm here on the 24th new york usa

  8. BlossomLilac said:

    hi there! it’s been 8 hours n 14 mins since xmas here,malaysia. merry xmas to u too n hope u’ll have a wonderful xmas n a nice walk with ur dogs!! =)

  9. willy mason goes to work said:

    Merry Christma! Jesus loves you!!

  10. windybreeze said:

    We just got home, and the dogs are going wild! They’re happy and think Christmas is a bonus.

    The best to you from the East Coast, USA.

  11. muahahahee said:

    I’m in Wisconsin…the midwest in the USA. It is currently 6:16, December 24th. I am quite the dog person as well. Merry Christmas, as we say here in the states! Hope you get what you want!! =]

  12. bana said:

    Gotcha ya? Happy Christmas. It’s 6:19p.m. in Southern United States.

  13. cheryl said:

    Merry Christmas to you to!!

  14. Emily D said:

    I’m in Illinoise and it’s 6:19pm on Christmas Eve.

  15. Lady L said:


  16. LARRY J7 said:

    Merry Merry
    Back your way !!
    6:28 PM Christmas Eve
    here in North Texas USA

    My three dogs are running around with their noses in the air
    (there is a turkey in the oven and they are going crazy !!!)
    They’ll get their gifts along with everyone else in the AM !!

  17. boo hoo said:

    7:27 p.m. in Canada. Merry Christmas

  18. ‹Pömš 4 Lïfë› said:

    Merry Christmas to you!!! 🙂

  19. We Want Cookies!! said:

    Merry Christmas. It’s 4:25pm Christmas Eve in Hawaii.


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