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Can you recommend some movies for me to watch at home between Christmas and New Year’s?

There’s not much to do during that week between Christmas and New Year’s. So I’m thinking of spending part of that week watching movies that I’ve never seen before. So far, these are some of the movies that I’m considering watching:
Big Fish
Finding Neverland
The Notebook

What others can you recommend? I prefer dramas, or action, or suspense. Not interested in watching comedies. Not interested in holiday movies either.
Also, do you know of any really good historical dramas?

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4 Responses to “Can you recommend some movies for me to watch at home between Christmas and New Year’s?”

  1. Berdolini said:

    mystic river, usual suspects, shawshank

  2. Victoria G said:

    You should watch G.I. Joe if you want action. A good drama is My sister keeper and step mom. Another really good one is the Invasion with Nicole Kidman. It is interesting and has action and suspense. If you like romance you can watch Montana Sky. It’s a Nora Roberts book and after I read the book I wanted to watch the movie sooo bad! Some other Nora Roberts books/movies are Angels fall and Blue smoke. If you feel like reading a book you can read Montana Mavericks series. I love those books!! I am on the 32nd one of the series! I like it because it is a mix of romance and mystery and the series is of people that live in the same town. Well hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  3. Maryanne said:

    My husband’s favorite movie is the Deer Hunter (Robert DeNiro). Or, the Bourne Identity series. Really good.

  4. Stacy said:

    Pretty much anything directed by Clint Eastwood…amazing dramas.

    Also if you enjoy political dramas “Michael Clayton, Charlie Wilson’s War, Bobby or Constant Gardner

    When in doubt check they’re great for searching movies.


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