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Can you drink alcohol in Times Sqaure on New Year’s Eve?

I am going to New York for New Year’s this year for the first time. I want to know if we can bring alcohol out on the street with us, we are planning on hanging out around where the ball drops so we’ll be outside in the big crowd, I just want to know if I’ll have to sneak our drinks or if we can openly drink?

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8 Responses to “Can you drink alcohol in Times Sqaure on New Year’s Eve?”

  1. robert m said:


  2. sommerluvn77 said:

    I was there in ’99 for NYE and at that time you couldn’t have any open alcohol in Times Square. I haven’t heard anything different so just to be safe I’d keep it hidden! Good Luck and Have fun!!

  3. Christine C said:

    As far as I understand drinking in public is forbidden, whether it’s New Year’s or not. I think you might have to sneak. But even so, there are undercover cops, too, so be careful!

  4. India said:

    No. Public drinking is illegal in New York City. Police will confiscate alcohol.
    This is from the New York Website. I have been there and it is crazy and very difficult for the police to stop drunkenness especially since people bring it in thermoses and paper cups – but if you look like you are getting too drunk off your “soda/coffee” they will notice and you could not only wind up with your drink tossed but a ticket and if you resist possibly a night in jail. I will say it is a great time though and the energy more than makes up for the lack of liquor. Have Fun!

  5. hih said:

    of course you CAN, everybody is drunk by 12, I know this from personal experience.
    however make sure you don’t drink a lot because there are going to be all kind of people and you never know, just have fun.
    Happy Holidays.

  6. Chanteuse_ar said:

    No you can’t. Since New Year’s 2001 they have been cordoning off the area where celebrants gather and everyone who wants to enter must submit to a bag search where fluids (and any other contraband) will be confiscated.

  7. Val Valdes said:

    Yes, but the best is that you put you liquor in a different container.

  8. Just Mike said:

    Make sure you have a brown bag around it.

    It’s ok if it’s in a bown bag, can’t be exposed. Every liquor store in the city knows this already and gives them to you when your buying.

    You won’t have a problem.


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