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Can someone tell me what I need to prepare if go to Disneyland in new year 2010?

We’re planning to go to Disneyland in California in New Year day. Do we need to buy the ticket earlier? We are planning to go to only one theme park. Any new things to see in New year day?

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6 Responses to “Can someone tell me what I need to prepare if go to Disneyland in new year 2010?”

  1. megat hakim said:

    The thing that you really need is A LOT OF MONEY….

  2. Sharon said:

    well first you are going to need lots of money you will have to buy the tickets earlier there might be a lot of new things there because its a new year
    hope this helps 🙂

  3. dougeebear said:

    You’ll need to bring a lot of patience. New Year’s Eve is SUPER crowded, so I would think New Year’s Day would be pretty crowded as well since many people have it off.

    If you’re not buying your ticket online, it would be wise to buy it early in the day at the ticket booths. Depending how crowded the park gets, Disney suspends ticket sales to Disneyland and bumps people over to California Adventure in an effort to alleviate Disneyland crowding.

    No, nothing new to see on New Year’s Day. The parks are still in Christmas mode and no new attractions have opened over the Christmas season.

  4. mando M said:

    You don’t need to buy the tickets earlier but it sure would save you time. Buying tickets on-line saves time and in many cases will save you money as well. Just go the Disneyland web site at From what alot of people say, most likely the parks are going to be crowded. So be patient and just take it all in strive and just enjoy yourselves. Also, it’s no secret that Disneyland is a little pricey so just be prepared to bring enough money. Hope you have a great time!!! Happy New Years!!

  5. Acting Gal said:

    BUY THE TICKETS EARLY. New Years Day is definitly going to sell out (yes it can do that) and is super crowded. So if you have ALOT of patience and don’t mind waiting in hour long lines for rides, then yes, definitely buy tickets ahead of time.

    And new years doesn’t have many special things that i know of. all the things i know are halloween to christmas. But they do probably have a special fireworks show, so you got that going for you.

  6. Roli said:

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