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Black Friday.?

Can we order online on black friday and still get the same deals? Or is it in-store only?

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13 Responses to “Black Friday.?”

  1. sunslover_19 said:

    I think you have to be at the store, but you should call and ask.

  2. I know, I know!!!! said:

    Both. Some stores are offering Black Friday deals online. Mostly it’s just instore sales though.

    I’m ready to shop!!!!!!!

  3. fan_wan :-) said:

    Good question, I have gotten tons of promos advertising discounts. They might be bigger discounts in the store. You just have to watch out for them running out of stuff because of the sales.

  4. im_with_poindexter said:


  5. polevaulter1000 said:

    I guess it depends on the stores, but I’d say no because the whole point of after thanksgiving sales is to get you in the store and buy more of their stuff, especially since you wouldn’t want to go to two different stores for things that could be bought in the same store because traffic is so unbearable.

  6. Corrin said:

    INSTORE, is where you will find all the deals, you may see a few cheaper prices on the net, but definately get out there and shop shop shop!!!

  7. AmusedOne said:

    Depends on the store. Some stores are doing “internet only” deals tomorrow.

    Personally, anyone who ventures into the mall, or most stores tomorrow needs to have their head examined.

    I’d sooner have root canal by a blind meth ho than shop on Black Friday.

  8. Mimi J said:

    My cousin sent me a flyer via email that listed all the specials stores were going to have. But alot of the stores are running the same deals online, and some are running “online only” specials. Wal-MArt, for example is going to have alot of items on sale starting 5 am ET, and you can purchanse almost all of them online. I hope this helps and Happy Shopping tomorrow!

  9. eimmahs said:

    I would check the sales papers and compare the on line price. It would not take long. Even if it is a little more some stores have free shipping. Even if it is a little more, with the saving you get on gas and not to mention peace of mind it my be worth it…Like others have said before. You can call and ask!

  10. LaCasa Studio said:

    In store that would be amazing if it was online!

  11. Sabrina said:

    That’s a half-yes. Businesses have online sales too, which varies from the in-store sales. So, you can check out the online sales and the in-store sales too and get the best deal. I think the in-store sales are a lot better, that’s why people actually camp outside of the stores in the wee hours of the morning waiting for the store to open. The online sales are probably not as good. They want you go to their stores, which is the reason for the great deals, so that when you’re there you may see another item(s) you want. Thus, the store just made a profit. That’s the bottomline for them.

  12. EverCharlie2 said:

    depends on the store, but i think you can still buy stuff online but you have more stuff on sale if you actually go to the stores

  13. iamqueww said:

    This coming Monday is cyber-Monday. Where all the best deals happen online.


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