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Are train services still operating during the Christmas and New Year period?

I’ll be going to France and Italy during the christmas and new years period this year, and I was wondering if the trains would still be operating on the days and week leading up to Xmas and NYs.
Planning to leave London for Paris on the 18th Dec and leave Paris for Venice on the 28th dec and leave venice for Rome on the 30th.
Are the trains still available? And would it still be easy to get tickets? Or is there a huge demand in tickets during that time?

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3 Responses to “Are train services still operating during the Christmas and New Year period?”

  1. conley39 said:

    Yes, the trains run during the holiday period. The schedules and prices are published on the train website, but it’s too early to see the December schedules – . During that period, it’s probably a good idea to have reservations. The other advantage is that if you get tickets early enough, there are discounted fares you can take advantage of.

    You can get an idea of what will be available by looking at the near term schedules. Between Paris and Venice, there is only one direct train that runs over night, but there are several options with a train change in Milan. I live in northern Italy and prefer the night train for weekend trips to Paris. It’s not only a direct train, but you can use time you’re sleeping for transit and avoid the hassles of the airports. You also don’t need a hotel for the night, so there’s an additional savings. The night train from Paris to Venice leaves Paris at 8:33 pm and arrives in Venice at 9:34 the next morning currently. The standard cost is 127 euro for a berth in a 4 bed compartment, but there are several levels of discounted tickets for early purchase. The cheapest is the “smart” fare which costs 45 euro for the same 4 bed compartment. Obviously, those sell out pretty quickly when they become available (approximately 60 ndays before the trip).

    Fast trains between Venice and Rome take 3 hr 46 minutes. However, there is also a night train on this route that you could take. It leaves Venice at 11:30 pm and arrives in at the Tiburtina station in Rome the next morning at 6:56 am. I’m usually asleep by the time the train leaves Venice if the conductor has already checked the ticket. A berth in a 4 bed compartment is nominally 60.90 euro, but again, there is a discount of up to 30% available for buying advance tickets. The berth will be as low as 42.60 euro. The fast day trains cost 73 euro in 2nd class. There’s a promotion now for 48 euro though.

    When it gets closer to your trip, you’ll need to check the site for the latest information. Be sure to also check the promotions page.

  2. Giuseppe said:

    yes, but be careful: trains are always late here in italy.

  3. Tomika Febbo said:

    For some reason, I’ve always preferred Sitecore. I guess I’m just too used to it.


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