Are the deals on cyber monday equal to those on black friday?

I couldn’t get out for black friday, but I would like to try cyber monday. Are the deals equal to those on black friday? Can I go to any retailer site or is it site specific such as Be as detailed as possible please?

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3 Responses to “Are the deals on cyber monday equal to those on black friday?”

  1. AFK-47 said:

    Amazon is doing some great deals and you can check out for news on Cyber Monday, im already getting some news on it. Plus if your fast to read this Wal-Mart,Best Buy, Target, Sears and more are still having Black Friday internet sales.

    Sorry you couldn’t get out this year.

  2. John Deal said:

    If you’re talking about online, they can be better than Black Friday since Cyber Monday is just for online deals while Black Friday had deals offline and online. And most merchants look like they have something going on for Cyber Monday. I would check out your favorite coupon code site, they usually have sections for Cyber Monday like:

  3. Alex said:

    Yes, Amazon will continue their black friday deals to cyber monday deals all day for this week


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