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Anyone have any good halloween costume ideas for 2 male friends who want to coordinate their costumes?

Me and my buddy are going into NYC for halloween and want to do costumes that relate to each other. We’ve come up with mario and luigi, bill and ted, and the blues brothers. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions that would be fun/humorous for a good night out. Thanks.

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12 Responses to “Anyone have any good halloween costume ideas for 2 male friends who want to coordinate their costumes?”

  1. Kickin ur head with a black boot said :

    well out of those three i heard i could choose bill and ted

    but another good one would be hit men?

  2. mizzbo said :

    How about Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee from Alice in Wonderland???

  3. polly said :

    Harry and Ron from Harry Potter or “Laurel & Hardy

  4. Sydney said :

    Thelma and Louise? That would be fun/humorous.

  5. Terixoxo said :


    They take hats, and glue or sew on the letters “M” and “L”.
    They tape on mustaches, and wear black pants. They both wear blue suspenders (even black will due). Mario wears a red shirt, and Luigi wears a green shirt.

    (They can always add a third person to be Wario, and a girl can be Princess Peach)

  6. hayseed66 said :

    have you seen do south? you could go as Ray and Frasier! Ray’s a chicago cop and Frasier(the guy’s last name, but that’s what he goes by) is a canadian mountie.

    Or! you could be Andy and Barney from The Andy Griffith Show.

    Hope I helped!

  7. harps said :

    brittney and paris
    it’s prettttty funny

  8. Dowey = anime freak said :

    mario and luigi sound fun i mi ght even steal the idea with my friend lol
    but you could be something like
    the men in black
    stewie and brian from family guy
    2 foot ball players
    a monkey and a bananna
    a dog and a bone
    or how about ummmmm the guys that invented the airplane

  9. BFS said :

    Salt and pepper shakers. Not the most original, but it will coordinate.

  10. claudia said :

    go as hobbossss

    wear like really old tshirts and rip them up abit, make the dirty
    wear old jeans or something
    and mess up your hair and put dirt on your face

    this what i went as to a costume party last week:
    kind of slutty on me coz you could prettty much see right up the side of my leg and my bra :S
    but it wont be on you guys coz your mennn

    i like the mario and luigi and the bluesbrothers ideas

  11. GamerGirl said :

    Dude, you should totally go as biker dudes. Although itz not much of a “two person costume” you can go in a group. wear leather jackets and boots.
    AND it gives you an excuse to ride bicycles around the neighborhood, claiming they are motorcycles… haha good luck!

  12. Lightning said :

    Two headed four legged Siamese Twin zombies

    Sew your clothes together and put food colored pancake batter on your face. Wants it drys it will look aged and dead.


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